Hymns in Singing the Journey

This is the Song Index for Singing the Journey a Unitarian Universalist hymnal to supplement Singing the Living Tradition.
Both hymnals available from the UU bookstore: www.uua.org

I was not able to find an index anywhere online, so I compiled one. This is a work in progress. For some, I’ve put links to recordings of these hymns where you can hear the music. If you have notes to add, or links to recordings, please suggest those in the comments. Other UU Hymn resources at the bottom of the list.

Transcending Mystery and Wonder

# Hymn Title
1000 Morning Has Come
1001 Breaths. Based on this poem.
1002 Comfort Me. Video.
1003 Where Do We Come From
1004 Busca el Amor
1005 Praise in Springtime
1006 In My Quiet Sorrow
1007 There’s a River Flowin’ In My Soul
1008 When Our Heart is In a Holy Place
1009 Meditation on Breathing
1010 We Give Thanks
1011 Return Again
1012 When I Am Frightened
1013 Open My Heart

Words and Deeds of Prophetic Men and Women

1014 Standing on the Side of Love; The composer has requested that the words be altered to “Answering the Call of Love”
1015 I Know I Can
1016 Profetiza, Pueblo Mio
1017 Building a New Way. Video
1018 Come and Go With Me
1019 Everything Possible
1020 Woyaya
1021 Lean On Me
1022 Open the Window
1023 Building Bridges. Mp3. In Rise Up Singing
1024 When the Spirit Says Do
1025 When will the fighting cease
1026 If Every Woman in the World
1027 Cuandro el Pobre
1028 The Fire of Commitment
1029 Love Knocks and Waits for Us to Hear

Wisdom from the World’s Religions

1030 Siyahamba
1031 Filled with Loving Kindness
1032 Daoona Nayeesh
1033 Bwana Awabariki. Mp3.
1034 De Noche
1035 Freedom is Coming. Mp3
1036 Calypso Alleluia. Video

Jewish and Christian Teachings

1037 We Begin Again in Love
1038 The 23rd Psalm
1039 Be Thou With Us
1040 Hush
1041 Santo
1042 Rivers of Babylon
1043 Szekely Aldas
1044 Eli, Eli
1045 There is a Balm in Gilead
1046 Shall We Gather at the River. Mp3
1047 Nada Te Turbe
1048 Ubi Caritas
1049 Vieni Spirito Creatore
1050 Jazz Alleluia

Humanist Teachings

1051 We Are…
1052 The Oneness of Everything
1053 How Could Anyone
1054 Let This Be a House of Peace
1055 How Sweet the Darkness
1056 Thula Klizeo
1057 Go Lifted Up
1058 Be Ours a Religion
1059 May Your Life be as a Song
1060 As We Sing of Hope and Joy
1061 For So The Children Come
1062 All Around the Child

Earth-Centered Traditions

1063 Winter Solstice Chant
1064 Blue Boat Home. Video
1065 Alabanza
1066 O Brother Sun
1067 Mother Earth, Beloved Garden
1068 Rising Green
1069 Ancient Mother. Mp3
1070 Mother I Feel You
1071 On the Dusty Earth Drum
1072 Evening Breeze
1073 The Earth is Our Mother
1074 Turn the World Around

More sources of info for UU Hymns

https://sites.google.com/a/uucrt.org/main/board-and-committees/arts/hymns-in-singing-the-living-tradition  has a list of all the hymns in Living Tradition hymnal, with notes on how “singable” they are, and links to videos, recordings and words for some hymns.

Notes from the Far Fringe, http://farfringe.com/hymn-by-hymn-introduction/, has blog posts with her reflections on every single hymn. She includes lyrics for many hymns, which is hugely helpful, if like us, you project them on the wall for services. Being able to copy and paste what she typed up will save us a lot of effort in transcribing. (Copyright reminder: you should only project lyrics if you also own the hymnal. Learn more.)

A list of “folk-ish” tunes that appear in the two hymnals is at www.danielharper.org/blog/?page_id=1311, with notes on which hymns also appear in Rise Up Singing. (Rise Up Singing songbook includes guitar chords).

www.mluuc.org/mluuc2/hymnal/hymns1.php – another index of hymns in Living Tradition, includes links to words and videos for many

Links to more videos and mp3’s of hymns in Living Tradition can be found at https://westforkuu.org/members/worship-resources/songs/   This puts them in order based on how “singable” they are.

On the UUA’s website about Singing the Journey, there are notes about some songs: http://www.uua.org/worship/music/hymnals/journey/songinformation.


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