Guide to Zoom

Over the past few months, many of us have gotten to know the Zoom teleconferencing platform well, as we do everything from attend church to teach preschool, from business meetings to happy hours, pub trivia to leading support groups. Different people may have different levels of understanding, but most of us are still trying to work out some glitches.

Here is a huge and hopefully comprehensive collection of tips for each of these levels, from simplest tasks to more complex. If you’re a brand new beginner, just read the first blog post and feel free to ignore the rest! But for those who are ready, there’s lots more to learn:

      • Zoom Basics (how to join a meeting, mute / unmute, chat, raise hand)
      • Becoming a more skilled Zoom participant (how to change how you see people – gallery view vs. speaker view, changing your name)
      • Looking and Sounding Good on Zoom: finding a better internet signal so your calls don’t freeze, ways to improve your audio and video quality
      • Hosting a Meeting (starting a meeting, inviting people, scheduling a meeting, security issues to reduce Zoom bombings, muting, recording, and the basics of sharing screens)
      • Advanced Meeting Management (spotlight, breakout rooms, co-hosts, polling)
      • Sharing Screens on Zoom (how to share PowerPoint slides, videos, documents, the whiteboard, etc.)
      • Optimizing PowerPoint for use on Zoom – you can place all the audio, video, and images you need all in one PowerPoint to help your meetings go more smoothly.
      • Games and Interaction on Zoom – lots of ideas from charades to Pictionary to polls and quizzes and
      • Music on Zoom: playing recordings, live music or leading songs
      • Young Children and Zoom – tips for how to help teachers and grandparents connect with kids online and how to help children connect with others – includes lots of suggested interactive activities
      • Screen “hygiene” for prolonged use – reduce Zoom fatigue

Note: Zoom also has LOTS of great online tutorials / support information. You can find it all from: If I describe an option in these guides that you’re not seeing, it could be that it’s not enabled in your user account or not enabled for the meeting you’re attending. The support documents should help you out.