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Hi, I’m Janelle. I do a lot of writing and have multiple websites. This blog is where I put personal projects that don’t fit anywhere else.

Representation in Media

In the media we consume (books, movies, etc.) we may find our identities reflected (mirrors) or we may see into lives very different from our own (windows.) If we seek out diverse media, we cast an economic vote for more diverse stories, written by people with diverse identities, to be told.

Seeking Out Diverse Media

When we choose to read or watch media that features diverse characters, created by diverse people, we get a window into life experiences that differ from our own, which helps us to build empathy. We are also casting an economic vote for more to be produced, so all types of people can find themselves reflected…

Sermon on Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back in the face of challenges. How do we build the individual, community, and societal factors that build resilience in us all?

Sermon: Embodiment of Motherhood

On Mother’s Day, I did the sermon at my church, Northlake Unitarian Universalist in Kirkland, WA. The theme of the month was Embodiment – a tangible or visible expression of an idea, quality, or feeling. There is no more literal embodiment than pregnancy and the birth of a baby. I spoke about all the joys,…


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