About Me and My Work

Current Online Projects:

Who am I?

Here’s my CV if you want the details on my work history and education.

To contact me, email blogs at janelledurham.com. Note: I do not accept guest posts on any of my blogs. I am the sole author of the content on all the blogs.

One thought on “About Me and My Work

  1. Steve Peleshok says:

    I’ve been using Libby to show read a long books to my grandkids in Redmond but wasn’t happy about holding up my mobile to my iPad camera. I was trying to figure out how I could show them the pictures but read myself. Doing a search led me to your page. Thank you so much! We use Facebook messenger & it works so well & is very easy to use. Also, the other resources you mentioned in your article are also very useful. I wasn’t aware of Hoopla linked to my Overdrive. I shared your video Picture Books on Zoom to my Facebook page.


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