Facebook Boosts

NOTE: This post was written in 2014… Many ideas are still relevant, but some of the details about how to create Facebook boosts have changed since that time, so this is only a loose guide – you may be better served by more current articles.

On Facebook, you can create an ad (learn how) or do a “boost” of a post – here’s how:

How to Boost:

First, log-on to your Page, and write a Post.

Then, after you’ve posted, you’ll see a button below the post saying “Boost Post.” Click there. It will open up a window like the one shown above.

Under Audience, click on “People you choose through targeting.”Here’s what you’ll see with some sample ideas filled in. It doesn’t tell you what “interests” are available – you just have to type in ideas and see what it offers.

(Note: I really prefer the way targeting works in Facebook Ads to how it works in Boost. I chose to do primarily ads, and very few boosts because of this targeting capability.)

more options

Set your maximum budget. Then click on “more options.” Choose how many days to boost the post for (I do 3), and set up your payment system.

Look at the “Est. People Reached” bar to see how big of a potential audience you have defined, and how many of those people you are likely to reach with your ad. You can narrow your targeting for a smaller potential audience of your most likely clientele or you can increase your budget to reach more of that audience.

Note: these instructions were written on 9/30/14. Facebook may change how ad design works at any time, so they may not exactly line up with your experience!

Possible Results

With my programs, in my location, in the summer of 2014, here were my results:

Posts about local classes and events, targeted to local parents. Cost per 1000 people the ad was shown to was $3.36 – 7.72; cost per click was 26 – 40 cents; click-through rate was 1.4 – 2.0%.

Facebook posts linking to blog posts about parenting topics (discipline, benefits of outdoor play). Ad was targeted to parents nationwide. Cost per 1000 people the ad was shown to was $2.38 – 3.69; cost per click was 34 cents; click-through rate was 0.7 – 1.1%.

Note: you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad or possibly takes another action (likes post, shares post). Ad will run for as many days as you set it to run, or until you get enough clicks to hit your maximum budget, whichever comes first.

click for larger view


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